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Intuitive digital guidance for complex construction projects

Our construction guidance platform unlocks the full potential of augmented reality for the construction industry, connecting building teams to digital building models through intuitive 3D building instructions.

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Access building information where and when it is needed

Give your building teams all of the information they need to build, removing the need for 2D plans altogether. The world is 3D; it should be built using 3D instructions.

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Accurate AR model alignment and guidance

Our algorithms allow AR overlays to snap to real world objects, giving users an order of magnitude more accurate construction guidance than conventional methods.

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Synchronize building information among your team

Track the team's building progress in real time. Report issues and changes during construction, automatically linked to their locations in a synchronized 3D model.

How it works

Export and upload
Export and upload

building models from your preferred CAD software

View and tweak
View and tweak

automatically generated building plans


synchronized plans to building teams via commodity devices

Receive updates
Receive updates

in progress, issues and changes in a synchronized model


Brick facade of the Kitrus Winery in Greece, photo credit: Gramazio Kohler Research
Acoustic timber wall at basler & hofmann AG in Switzerland, photo credit: Gramazio Kohler Research

Augmented bricklaying

Use our precision AR guidance to build previously impossible designs.

See wiring routing even after insulation is installed.
Marking installation locations from AR guidance.

Paperless prefabrication

Link building teams to BIM models through static and mobile devices, removing the need for 2D plans and increasing productivity.

Installation instructions for a toilet cistern.
On-site access to BIM for plumbing and HVAC.

AR-guided installations

Guide complex installation tasks with intuitive next-step instructions directly overlaid on the environment.

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