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Digital instructions and guidance throughout construction, assembly, and training

Integrate quality checks and workflows in AR

Provide your team with a sequence of checks integrated in 3D and request reports on their work once they have finished a building step. These reports are then associated with the location in the model where they were filed.

Overlays at the correct location

Our computer vision and machine learning algorithms ensure that the AR overlays snap to the real world objects, enabling us to display the overlays with up to an order of magnitude higher accuracy than competitor applications. Since our software makes use of the 3D input object models, we can eliminate drift, enabling the user to run our app for prolonged periods of time in larger workspaces.

Show only the AR content that is relevant for the current task

We sequence AR content and separate it into steps such that the user only sees the information that is required to fulfill the current task.

Informative AR

Provide the users with all the instructions you want to share with them. Convert 3D model visualizations into sequenced AR fabrication plans or manuals enriched with videos, images, or PDFs.

Initialize via floor plan or tags placed on the go

A top down view of a floor can be used to manually initialize the user at arbitrary locations in a 3D model. Additionally, for frequently checked locations, tags can be placed while walking through a site, their position is initialized from the current mobile device's position estimate and can be adjusted right on that device.

Synchronize building information among your team

Track the team's building progress in real-time. Issues and changes during construction can be reported from within the app and they are directly highlighted in a synchronized 3D model at the place where the report has been created.

Upload 3D models and immediately get fabrication plans on your mobile device

Upload 3D models, e.g. in the form of .ifc files, to our web platform and we create fabrication plans that you can view and modify online and start on your mobile device.

Computer vision and machine learning make overlays show up at the desired locations thanks to the object snap mode

Responsive image Responsive image


See wiring routing even after insulation is installed.
Marking installation locations from AR guidance.

Paperless prefabrication

Connect prefabrication building teams to BIM models through static and mobile devices, be it for timber or precast concrete applications. Our guidance system removes the need for 2D plans in the construction process and increases productivity.

Accurate overlays allow for instructions at correct locations.

Instruction Manuals

Our set of AR instructions is perfect for replacing printed instruction manuals. Instructions can be shown to the users directly at relevant locations as interactive AR overlays in the form of videos, text, animations, images or dimensions, without the need to manually look up relevant sections in printed operating instructions.

Installation instructions for a toilet cistern.
On-site access to BIM for plumbing and HVAC.

AR-guided installations

Guide installation tasks with intuitive next-step instructions directly overlaid on the environment. Users can create quality check reports which are shared in real-time with the whole construction team. These reports can either be accessed directly in the 3D model at the place where they were generated or displayed as a list to get an overview.

affordable housing in the Philippines
bamboo frame

Learning and training tool

Train low-skilled workers to build better. This learning and training feature is integrated in the construction guidance app and made for organizations that want to integrate training in their business strategy.

Brick facade of the Kitrus Winery in Greece, photo credit: Gramazio Kohler Research
Acoustic timber wall at Basler & Hofmann AG in Switzerland, photo credit: Gramazio Kohler Research

Augmented bricklaying

Use our precision AR guidance to build previously impossible designs. Our tools allow users to get feedback of the placement of individual bricks to realize projects that are almost impossible to build without our AR guidance. Our system was used to build projects like the Kitrvs winery or acoustic walls as the one built for Zentrum Architektur Zürich's "Touch Wood" exhibition.

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